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About Mednefits

Mednefits is an employee benefits platform that helps companies take care of their employees and connects them directly to a network of healthcare providers in Singapore and Malaysia.

Mednefits Platform Perks


Employers can sign up for free and access a free software to help manage their employee benefits with Mednefits.


There are no associated platform fees, contracts, or deposits. Meaning employers are only charged when their employees actually visit a panel provider in a consolidated monthly invoice.


The platform can be customised to the organisation’s HR policy (such as placing caps per visit, setting employee budgets, which panel clinics can be accessed, etc.)


Employee benefits usage is tracked in real-time to provide actionable insights.


Companies are eligible to receive a 20% benefits bonus for employees to use at panel providers.

Before Mednefits

  • Time-consuming to process employee medical claims manually
  • Costly insurance bundles for inpatient and outpatient insurance
  • Lack of cost control mechanisms with rising premiums
  • No real-time data on benefits usage

With Mednefits

  • Free employee benefits management tool
  • Automate medical claims
  • Control costs with a pay-per-use platform
  • Real-time data for actionable insights

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